Private Showings


The Kuhn Cinema offers great packages that accommodate party sizes up to 300 people. Packages are tailored to your needs and can include concessions such as soda, popcorn, and even candy! Contact us today so that we can customize a party package that meets all of your celebration needs!


Most of the best movies were first books. The Kuhn recognizes the importance of comparing and contrasting novels and their on-screen adaptations. Documentaries also bring learning experiences to a new level on the cinema screen. Contact us today to learn about how we can offer your students an entertainingly unforgettable lesson.


Another holiday party at the office? No thank you! The Kuhn offers great packages to treat all of your employees. Take the setup and cleanup out of the equation and just enjoy a great time at the movies with your team. Contact us today to see just how easy and cost effective your next company event can be at the Kuhn Cinema.


Turning another year older should be celebrated with a unique experience and the Kuhn offers just that. Watch your favorite movie or new blockbuster while having the whole 300-seat theater to yourself and close friends. You supply the cake and gifts and the Kuhn will take care of the rest. Contact us today to see how affordable a private showing actually is.

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What movie would you like to see? What concessions would you like each guest to have? Any special requests?